About Us

Ruihe Anhui Project Management Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a cross-region professional engineering consulting enterprise registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

With Grade A qualifications/Credits in tendering procurement agency, engineering consulting, engineering cost consulting and engineering supervision; the service scope including the whole process of engineering consulting (national social and economic planning, industrial planning, early stage consulting, engineering design, tendering...



Accreditation of industry authority

  • Member of the Fédération lnternationale Des lngénieurs Conseils (FIDIC).
  • The governing unit of the China Engineering Consulting Association.
  • Member unit of China Tendering and bidding Association.
  • The first batch of national bidding agencies and third-party trading platform pilot units.
  • Member units of the Hebei Integrated Industry-commerce enterprises Federation.
  • Hebei project management association initiated unit.
  • Jiangsu provincial government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model project professional consulting service organization.
  • PPP consulting units in Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Sichuan, Ningxia, Hunan, Shanxi and other provinces.


Industry honors awards

  • China Project Management Achievement Award - "development contribution award".
  • China bidding agency integrity excellence 5A grade.
  • China's most competitive bidding agency.
  • The best and fastest enterprise to develop the engineering cost consulting industry in Hebei.
  • The first place of the most competitive bidding agency in Hebei Province.
  • The first choice of the bidding agency of Hebei Province.
  • Hebei construction project tendering and bidding for honest and trustworthy 5A bidding agency.
  • Shijiazhuang engineering cost consultation enterprises income advanced enterprises.
  • Shijiazhuang city bidding agency advanced enterprises.


Industry professional awards

  • China's fourth excellent engineer cost achievement award(The Third Prize).
  • National excellent engineering consulting achievement award.
  • Third prize of the third "longtu cup" national BIM competition comprehensive group.
  • Hebei engineering consulting outstanding achievement award.( The First/Second/ Third Prize).
  • Hebei province construction project anji cup (provincial quality project).

Talents is the core of engineering consulting enterprise, RUIHE ANHUI implementing “135 Talent Development Strategy”, focusing on the cultivation of professional engineering consulting talents at all levels, and to create a whole process engineering consulting service team.

Talent Team

At present, RUIHE ANHUI has a professional technical group with reasonable structure, professional knowledge and rich practical experience.

More than 90% staff with junior college degree or above, more than 40% staff with qualifications such as Registered Consulting Engineer, Certified Public Accountant, Registered Cost Engineer, Registered Supervision Engineer, First-Level Constructor , Tenderer and other practice qualifications.

And RUIHE ANHUI has a expert group formed by nearly 200 various disciplines well-known scholars and engineering and technicians in Hebei Province.